KRSHN YOGA is an unique endeavour of Dr Krishna Raman to propagate yoga in its ultimate form. The role of hatha yoga as a tool in the field of exercise and therapy for medical ailments has been plagued by claims and counter-claims.

Myths abound this science of hatha yoga. In order to dispel these myths and create awareness from grass root levels, these classes have been initiated. After 25 years of dedicated research and practice, KRSHN YOGA brings to you the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Krshn Yoga Clinic provides relief and cure from both acute and chronic pain, where the body returns to proper alignment, function and balance, thereby preventing future pain and malfunction. It involves the use of scientifically proven restorative Yoga postures with or without props along with mindful breath work.

After 3 decades of dedicated research and practice, Dr Krishna Raman, who is renowned world-wide for bringing science into yoga joined with Ms.Fharzana Siraj to start KRSHN YOGA where thousands of patients all over the world have been cured of debilitating pain without surgery and have gone back to normal fulfilling lives


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